What is Hawver’s Capitol Report — and Why You MUST Have It!

What is it?

Hawver’s Capitol Report is a nonpartisan Kansas political and state government news service. Editor and publisher is Martin Hawver, a journalist who has covered Kansas politics since 1977. He delivers concise, timely news—just what you need to be in the Kansas political and governmental loop.

Who takes it?

The savviest of people—folks who know they need the inside line on the Kansas Statehouse and the state’s political parties, including legislators, congressmen, political party activists, educators, government officials, lobbyists, association directors, bankers, utility chiefs, business leaders, journalists, political groupies, concerned citizens, attorneys and many others!

How much is it?

Surprisingly low for everything that you get. Subscription price is $200.00 per year. You can pay annually or semi-annually, by check, VISA or MasterCard.

What do you get?

  • Hawver’s Capitol Report Newsletter, e-mailed usually weekly during the Kansas legislative session and one to four times a month the rest of the year. Please click here for a sample.
  • Hawver’s Capitol Report Flash—bulletins, daily news, etc.—e-mailed to you as news warrants. Please click here for a sample.
  • Annual Hawver Kansas Legislative Guide, a hard-copy publication mailed to you in January. It contains the famous, exclusive ultimate legislator locator guide to help you find legislators every hour of the day. It also contains the popular Eats section about restaurants in Topeka and northeast Kansas.

Why can’t I live without it?

If your political and/or financial future depends on knowing what’s really happening under the Kansas Capitol dome and in Kansas politics… and why… you MUST have it. There is, simply, nothing else like Hawver’s Capitol Report.

How do I get it?

Call (785) 267-5500
E-mail politics@hawvernews.com (see How to Subscribe)
Write to Hawver News Company, LLC, 3823 SW Wood Valley Drive, Topeka KS 66610-1124

How can I advertise in Hawver publications?

A limited number of advertising spaces are available in Hawver e-news publications and are sold for two ad periods a year: January to May (during the legislative session) and June to December (non-session time). Also, ads are sold for the Annual Hawver Kansas Legislative Guide.

For rate cards, please contact Vickie Hawver: politics@hawvernews.com or (785) 267-5500.