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Watching the Rabbit?

Time to remind Kansans that a key skill in Kansas politics is distraction. Yes, remember that you don’t have to be much of a magician if your assistant is sexy enough that she’s the one the audience watches, not whether that rabbit actually came out of the hat the magician is wearing. Democrats do it, Republicans do it. Heck, even third-party politicians practice distraction. Right Read More →

The scrap over remote sales tax

One of the amazing things about life in the Statehouse is that nearly everything that happens here has a political edge to it. Or two or three edges. The latest scrap? Probably the Kansas Department of Revenue’s notice to the rest of the folks in the nation that if they sell stuff over the phone or internet or plain old mail and ship it to Read More →

Kelly gets to Shape Court

President Donald Trump congratulates himself on his appointment/U.S. Senate confirmation of more than 100 federal judges, including two U.S. Supreme Court justices. Now, it appears that Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly might be able to tout, maybe more discreetly, her success in packing the Kansas Supreme Court. With the retirement in September of Justice Lee Johnson, and the just-announced retirement of Chief Justice Lawton Nuss in Read More →