At The Rail Columns

Exploring Internet Sales Tax

This looks like the week when the Governor’s Council on Tax Reform takes a break from all that three-legged stool business that it has been assigned to fix or at least chat about and get into the business of taxes that support state and local governments. This three-legged stool which former governors have touted—making sure that about a third of revenues each come from sales, Read More →

Food on our Mind…

Well, maybe it’s Thanksgiving week that makes us think of it, but already some of us who linger in the Statehouse are wondering who is going to win the most softly spoken of awards for members of the Legislature. We’re thinking of the coveted “Golden Fork” award, which is theoretical and conceptual – no actual forks are handed out – and goes to the Kansas Read More →

A Chill in the Air?

There will be times, maybe when your aunt at Thanksgiving dinner says she’s decided to buy a pickup truck or that she’s taken up break-dancing at her neighborhood bar, that the atmosphere in a room changes. We’ve all been there, but we didn’t expect that change in atmosphere, that chill, to occur at the Special Committee on Medicaid Expansion in the Kansas Statehouse last week. Read More →