At The Rail Columns

What’s a reform?

We’re just a week away from the Governor’s Council on Tax Reform meeting in the Statehouse to consider ways to cut taxes. As lofty and nonpartisan as that title is, the real name could be “What Tax Cuts Will Get Us Elected or Re-elected.” Yes, that’s what tax reform is. Finding the tax cuts that will get votes for you or your party and the Read More →

Will Kansas Demos cast all GOP legislative candidates as Trumpers?

This is starting to become interesting, just how effectively Kansas Republicans create a bright yellow line between federal elections and elections for members of the Kansas House and Kansas Senate. The real issue, of course, is that Trump is president and would like to stay in that job for another four years. And his name will be on the top of the ballot next year Read More →

Will the money be there?

It’s gotta be nice, to be appointed to a state commission to study Kansas criminal justice reform. Everyone wants lawbreakers in prison, that’s the simple part. It’s making sure that they don’t wind up there again after victimizing the rest of us again that is the less-than-sexy part of the issue. The Kansas Criminal Justice Reform Commission which organized last week is packed with Kansans Read More →