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What about worker comp?

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Martin HawverRemember the last time the dinner table conversation was about Worker Compensation? Or maybe the last time that you went through all those Bill of Rights numbers, and came down to No. 14 for a debate?
Well, a Kansas Court of Appeals panel last week agreed 3-0 that the state’s worker compensation law was amended by the newly turned-conservative 2013 Kansas Legislature back then in a way that damaged that 14th Amendment right of Kansas workers.
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That 7-letter word

em>Syndicated to Kansas newspapers Aug. 28, 2017.
Martin HawverWe’re still waiting for that stern letter to Secretary of State Kris Kobach from the leaders of the Kansas Legislature about his use of that seven-letter word they don’t like to hear on the campaign trail.
Nope, it’s not about body parts, or what you say when the low-fuel light starts blinking on the dashboard.
It’s “corrupt.”
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Turning off the lights

Syndicated to Kansas newspapers Aug. 21, 2017.
Martin HawverRemember when you moved out of your college apartment, and probably because your mother told you to, you vacuumed one last time and checked to make sure nothing was spoiling in the refrigerator?
Gov. Sam Brownback did the equivalent of that final cleanup last week when he told Secretary of Corrections Joe Norwood to start the paperwork to give raises of 10 percent to correctional officers at El Dorado Correctional Facility, the state’s biggest prison…and, oh yes, 5 percent to uniformed correctional officers at the state’s other prisons.
Those raises, which are aimed at boosting employment at El Dorado where there were some relatively moderate convict uprisings last month and throwing a bone to the officers at other facilities, will cost a few million dollars, and he agreed with leaders of the House and Senate that the budget touch-ups that will be required to balance the Corrections budget will be taken care of next session.
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