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Election-Year Governing

OK, we saw the first year of Gov. Laura Kelly’s administration, and it was…well…businesslike, if not thrilling. She’s got almost all of her Cabinet confirmed and made scores of appointments to various state agencies, boards and commissions that most of us never heard of. Us Statehouse hangers-on are waiting with whatever is one less than baited-breath for her Jan. 15 State of the State Address Read More →

Across the Christmas Dinner Table

Across the Christmas Dinner Table Maybe because it’s Christmas week, when the kids come home for the presents and holiday gatherings, Senate President Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, has decided to keep one of those presents that she really didn’t want. That present? It’s the portion of former Democrat President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) that Wagle and a shrinking number of Republicans oppose that hands Read More →

What is “At Risk?”

What is “At Risk?” This may be the year that lawmakers tussle over a complicated issue that probably seems fairly simple to most of us, but which is rife with politics. The issue is just what the Kansas Supreme Court, the Legislature, and the incredibly complex K-12 public school industry believe is an “at-risk” pupil, oh, and how to help those students get a good Read More →