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Better Than a Prom Date?

Well, we gotta wonder, besides getting that prom date you hoped for, what is better than having $510 million more to spend in the upcoming legislative session than you thought you’d have when you left Topeka last summer? Hmmm…not sure… The Consensus Revenue Estimating Group, as we predicted last week, boosted the state revenue estimate. And now that the state’s budget experts and three university Read More →

No Bar Talk but Wait Until January

The Kansas Statehouse is going to shake Thursday afternoon, when a group of economic/tax/business experts deliver the Consensus Revenue Estimate (CRE) for the state for the upcoming fiscal year. That obscure document will become the legislative basis for the budget for the remainder of this four-month-old fiscal year, and the number on which the upcoming legislative budget machinations will be based. And…while the state is Read More →

No Simple Choices

Well, Kansans, we have a little more than two months before the Legislature goes into session and becomes either dangerous or helpful. Remember those good old days, when whoever voted to cut your taxes was a reasonably good pick for your vote in the upcoming election? Well, those days appear to be over. One reason is that the state is still in shaky financial condition, Read More →