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Who decides who is on the Kansas Supreme Court?

It appears that at least us folks who hang out at the Statehouse—and possibly the rest of voting-age Kansans—may get dragged through the debate over who gets the final say on who gets to sit on the Kansas Supreme Court. There are seven pretty good jobs on the high court, paying $145,600 a year (a dab more for the Chief Justice) and which include reserved Read More →

Governance by Council

It’s starting to become apparent that Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly has devised a new tool to use to run the state that is essentially managed by a Republican-heavy Legislature. Of course, Kansas government is basically run, its policies set, its benefits delivered by a majority of a quorum in legislative committees and a majority of members of the House and Senate. Barring a veto (see Read More →

Pretty good potential political muscle…

There may be something subtle going on here, that first meeting in several years in which the Kansas Board of Regents sat down with the Kansas State Board of Education for, well, just a little chatting. That meeting brought together the nine Regents, who are appointed by the governor and subject to Senate confirmation, and the 10 members of the State Board of Education, who Read More →