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A new infrastructure tactic

A new infrastructure tactic With abortion and Medicaid and even unpasteurized milk under the legislative microscope, this week hearings start on yet another topic—maybe one of the better ideas that legislators have seen pop up in the last several decades. It’s called “Forward,” and it is a dramatically new way to figure out how to improve transportation of people and goods across the state. That Read More →

And then there are taxes…

And then there are taxes… While the folks who run the Legislature are figuring out what to do about that abortion resolution, plus the expansion of Medicaid to about 130,000 Kansans, we’re thinking about…taxes. Imagine that. There’s money available for some tax cuts this year, income taxes are always a good place to start and the House Tax Committee is looking at income tax cuts Read More →

Those suburban ‘soccer moms’

Those suburban ‘soccer moms’ Kansas Republicans made it clear last weekend that they are making a real push to get those suburban “soccer moms” on their side, at least at the general election, while Congressional District 3 primary contestants are wondering whether they can reclaim that congressional seat from a Democrat. It’s all in the under-the-sheets politics, a convention of Kansans who are actively involved Read More →